The ADA Visitors presale for whitelisted members starts in...
Whitelist presale: April 11 at 6PM UTC
Public sale: April 11 at 8PM UTC
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ADA Visitors is a creative CNFT project from Sam Street,
Co-founder of Postmates, BAYC #1573.
Sam Street
Sam Street
Co-founder of Postmates
BAYC #1573
MAYC #13740
BAKC #2345
Oli Street
Oli Street
Crypto & NFT enthusiast.
Spacebudz #2294
Spacebudz #7236
We have spent the past few months on our artwork. This will come to completion mid-January.
Website & Discord Launch
We begin marketing our project by releasing our website and opening our Discord server. We welcome early members to the project.
Marketplace Verification
We will have the collection policy verified by popular CNFT marketplaces and rarity listing sites such as,,,
Community Building (Ongoing)
We will grow our community with sneak peeks, creative custom Discord bots, fan art, competitions, giveaways & stealaways (loaded wallet seedphrase leaks).
Pre-sale and Public Mint
Our public mint will occur on April 11 at 8PM UTC. Whitelisted members use our custom Discord commands to register their wallets and participate in the pre-sale 2 hours prior to the public mint.
Launch of the ADA Visitors community stakepool. Profits will be reinvested back into the community.
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We have a very ambitious goal to develop a CNFT platform under the brand

We start with v1.0, an upcoming CNFT drop calendar highlighting new projects.
Merch Store
ADA Visitors merch will be available on our dedicated merch store, featuring various items of clothing and printed artwork.
ADA Visitors - Series 2
We already have some creative ideas for our mutation concept and Series 2 collection. We will announce details in the future.
Rareboy logo
Rareboy v2.0 - Our artwork & metadata generation software will be repurposed into a paid service offered publicly as a feature of Rareboy. Upload to NFTMaker Pro integration.
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Rareboy v3.0 - Project profile pages featuring the full collection listings. Rarity inspection tools and trait filtering. Browser extensions offering this functionality.
Rareboy logo
Rareboy v4.0 - Buy/sell/trade functionality for CNFT assets. Our end goal is to build a CNFT marketplace. We want to strengthen the CNFT ecosystem by building great products in this space.

The ADA Visitors project is really just our first stepping stone into a world of new creative ideas around Cardano, and with a great track record in the tech industry we are determined to fulfil the promise.
Monetized Derivatives
We believe derivatives will be an important part of pfp NFT projects in the future.

On Ethereum we have started to see sites like Nifty Tailor appear, allowing you to mint new NFTs derived from your own asset (the parent). For example, your Bored Ape can be used to mint a brand new asset variation wearing Gucci clothing. These are essentially 3rd party mutations.

Now imagine the parent asset can generate passive income each time the derivative is sold on a secondary market, thanks to royalty smart contracts. Now that's value.

As big clothing brands get more involved in Web3, we will see more and more derivatives and interesting ways to interact with them. These are the sort of creative ideas we want to get involved in.
Digital Identity & Metaverse
We also believe that pfp NFT projects are more than just collectible items with some utility to be flipped or held for gains. They can become your digital identity. As the open metaverse emerges we will start to realise these emotional attachments to our assets.

In the future you will be able to login to virtual spaces (and games such as Fortnite) as 3D representations of your favorite pfp thanks to open SDKs currently being developed to make things interopable.

We intend to build on these SDKs and provide 3D versions of ADA Visitors ready for the open metaverse.